Oglezneva A.V.

Tomsk IPKR of the FPS of Russia (Tomsk, Russia), lecturer of the Department of organization of personnel, social, psychological and educational work, major of internal service.

Shchepetunina I.V.

FKU IK-2 UFSIN of Russia across the Kostroma region (Kostroma, Russia), psychologist at psychological laboratory, senior Lieutenant of internal service.


The article is devoted to the study of higher mental functions in men who have committed crimes against sexual integrity and sexual freedom of the individual. Presents an empirical study of 50 male respondents serving sentences in FKU IK-2 UFSIN of Russia across the Kostroma region. The research uses the following methods: “Schulte tables”, “Pictogram”, “Associative experiment”. The results were processed using mathematical statistics methods.
The study revealed the features of the functioning of higher mental functions in men serving criminal sentences for sexual crimes, namely: a low level of concentration, attention span, the presence of mental exhaustion, increased time to complete tasks, reduced work efficiency; reduced efficiency of thinking; low level of indirect memorization.
The results of the study can be used by prison psychologists in practice.


higher mental functions; sex offenders; “Schulte tables”; “Pictogram”; “Associative experiment”.