Vedernikov A.V.

Tomsk IPKR of the FPS of Russia (Tomsk, Russia), Senior Lecturer of the Department of Service-Combat and Tactical-Special Training.


In order to effectively carry out service by employees of the penal system, special means of individual protection and active defense are used. In accordance with part 5 of article 28 of the Law of the Russian Federation of July 21, 1993 No. 5473-1 “On institutions and bodies executing criminal sentences in the form of imprisonment”, an employee of the penal system must undergo special training, as well as periodic checks for professional actions in conditions associated with the use of physical force, special means and firearms. The article discusses practical actions using a special rubber stick. A special rubber stick is used as a special means of protection against attacks by criminals, as well as during the arrest and escort of convicts who offer physical resistance, with a detailed phase-by-phase consideration of the technique of performing selfdefense techniques when attacking an employee of the penal system. The article technical actions aimed at neutralizing and escorting an armed criminal are proposed.


protective actions; special rubber stick; escorting; detention.