Bochkarev V.V.

Kuzbass institute of the FPS of Russia (Novokuznetsk, Russia), Head of the Department of organization of the regime, security and escort, Candidate of Legal Sciences


The article is devoted to the study of the organizational and legal aspects of the implementation of the regime in the colonies-settlements. The author analyzes the requirements of the regime in relation to convicts held in penal colonies and highlights their specific features. A feature of the implementation of the regime in colonies and settlements is the changed architecture of the correctional institution, the absence of special units for the protection of the territory of the correctional institution, less rigid isolation of convicts, the specificity of supervision, a more expanded legal status of convicts, the peculiarities of separation within a correctional institution, some conditions for serving a sentence for all convicts held in penal colonies, etc.
One of the problems of the implementation of the regime in the colonies-settlements is the prevention of the commission of offenses by convicts. This issue can be resolved by expanding the use of technical means of supervision and control, which make it possible to control convicts at all facilities of the correctional institution, as well as a better selection of convicts for transfer to a colony-settlement.


punishment execution regime; punishment serving regime; convicts; imprisonment; colony-settlement.