Petukhova N.A.

Tomsk IPKR of the FPS of Russia (Tomsk, Russia), lecturer in the department of organization of personnel, social, psychological and educational work, major of internal service


The article is devoted to the study of issues related to the features of the prevailing styles and methods of response of employees of the penitentiary system in conflict situations. Presents an empirical study of 160 students, the program of professional training, retraining and advanced training at the Tomsk Institute for advanced training FSIN of Russia. The study used a method to identify typical behaviors of K.Thomas “Test of behavior in a conflict situation”. It was revealed that there are specific features of the behavior of the subjects studied in the conflict, which are determined by the functional responsibilities performed, the employee’s belonging to the relevant Department, division of the penitentiary institution, as well as work experience (time of service). It is established that when performing official tasks, employees can form an individual response method that is most acceptable for performing professional activities in accordance with their official tasks. In the course of service, this method tends to stiffen, losing its effectiveness. This indicates the relevance of psychological training of employees who are trained in professional training programs, advanced training and professional retraining in order to improve and correct communication skills and the ability to effectively resolve conflict situations in the process of performing official tasks.

Ключевые слова:

stress tolerance; conflict; conflict behavior styles; behavior strategies; conflict resolution styles